Hegel. From “Pure Life” to the Philosophy of History

Francesco Valagussa


The present article concerns Hegel’s conception of the Philosophy of History. Starting from the relevance of his Theologische Jugendschriften, throughout the analysis of the Phänomenologie des Geistes, this article tries to highlight the importance of the Wissenschaft der Logik in the construction of a permanent point of view from which investigate and examine the development of history. Following Marcuse’s interpretation concerning both Phenomenology and Logic in the building of Hegelian system, the identity between essence and reflection could be considered as a significant “behaviour” of being, something like a conduct of every entity, understood as a relationship with itself.

Keywords: Philosophy of History, life, concept, Hegel, Marcuse

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F. Valagussa, Hegel. Dalla “pura vita” alla filosofia della storia