DOI: 10.30443/POI2018-0005


Innovation philosophy

Giacomo Pezzano


This paper aims to give a preliminary definition of the contours of a Philosophy of Innovation that could fit within the general framework of the so-called “Culture of Innovation.” I stress that the more we become accustomed to paying attention and being sensitive to transformations, the more able we become to live in and to manage such transformations. In § 1, I first highlight that contemporary complex societies are undergoing an age of deep transformations. Then, in § 2, I explain why philosophy could play an important role in this situation by offering tools for making such transformations intelligible and explicit. In § 3, I discuss these philosophical tools, insisting on philosophy’s rigor in dealing with problems, and claiming that philosophy thus enables us to see the intrinsic problematic nature of innovations. Finally, in § 5, I suggest some “philosophical theses on innovation”.

Keywords: Elasticity, Lateral Thinking, Transformation, Problematization, World-Conceptions.


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