DOI: 10.30443/POI2018-0021

The Question of Personal Identity in E. Husserl

Mario Autieri

Husserl’s analysis shows that perceptual states always display a series of retained impressions; retention motivates protention through a passive process of association. Intentionality changes over time and experience; thus, it could be said that intentionality is constituted by experience, and sets the ground for the very possibility of the latter. In this conceptual framework, the ego – as the pole underlying every experience – is investigated because, in constituting the object of the investigation, it constitutes itself. Therefore, the “person” is not only a psyche but a conscious, responsible, and essentially embodied agent experiencing affections, emotions, etc. In this paper, I analyze the self-constitution of the ego through its own habitus, focusing on Derrida’s account of the concept of monad.

Keywords: Intentionality, Ego, Person, Monad

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3. P.O.I. Sull'identità personale. A partire da Derek Parfit- Autieri