Artistic Practices and Philosophical Practices: Family Similarities and In-Between Experiences

Piero Castellano

The topic of the paper revolves around the relationship between philosophical practices and artist pratices, and it is investigated from a variety of perspectives that exclude an essentialist vision in favour of finding the family resemblances that they present. The movement of deconstruction and self-problematization in place in the two areas of art and philosophy converges towards a common tendency which shows itself in their incessant re-identification and re-transcription and, at the same time, towards the trespassing of their esthetic and theoretical borders and domains. The overcoming of their own traditional areas and a thought that advances in the middle is the new scenery that philosophical and artistic practices are bulding together. In Art and Philosophy, see as performance exercises in constant metamorphosis, is practised plurality and difference, proceeding more and more towards an opening that allows for possible worlds to be created and thought. As minor pratices that do not aspire to any epistemological foundation, they embrance a in between form of thought and reconfigure the traditional relationship between “autor” and “pubblic”. As experiences that cross thresholds and confuse borders, these pratices also affect the political dimension and the one of knowledge level, working both for the democratic transformation of society and opening up new opportunities in term of relations between art and knowledge. In reference to some shared artistic experiences, in the final part of the paper, I tried to reconsider the relationship between artistic and philosophical practices in the dimension of symbolic forms present in different cultures. From this perspective, the reconfiguration of the link between artwork, thought and life allows us to see the movement that give new mean-ing to art and philosophy as life-forms.

Key-words: artistic and philosophical pratices, family resemblances, thought in-between, artistic object, retranscription, resignification, trespassing, decon-struction, life-forms, create-resist

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P. Castellano, Pratiche artistiche e pratiche filosofiche somiglianze di famiglia e esperienze in-between