DOI: 10.30443/POI2017-0008

Reason and the Role of Philosophy of Religion in the Globalized, Pluralized World

Sergio Sorrentino


The purpose of the present paper is to outline the meaning of the religious experience within the global context of our time. The analysis intends to start neither only from a mere description of the religious phenomenon as an expression of the human world of life nor, least of all, it wants to a general critical approach. It intends rather to focus on the experience and the religious phenomenon from a heuristic point of view, allowing the comprehension of the religious phenomenon both from a general point of view and from the perspective of a single religion and the relationship that men assume with respect to the divine. Lastly, the investigation will develop through the reference to a comprehension paradigm which is, in this specific case, the one which was developed by F. Schleiermacher in the XIX Century.

Keywords: Religion, Heuristic Paradigm, Schleiermacher, Divine

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