DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8279418

What we talk about when we talk every day

by Sergio Vitale

The project of a psychologie concrète formulated by Georges Politzer, drawing inspiration from Marxian thought and dialectical materialism, foresaw the need to bring about an important change in daily life, in order to liberate people from the ideology of the ruling classes. This project, which was left unfinished by Politzer’s untimely death in 1942, was not followed by later developments in psychology and even philosophy, until authors such as H. Lefebvre, G. Lukács, K. Kosík and Á. Heller – since the sixties of the last century – opened a broad front of reflection on the theme of everyday language and practice. In such context, we evaluate the theoretical contributions of Herbert Brün, composer, artist and philosopher, in which one can see one of the first significant steps towards the birth of the materialist psychology as Politzer wanted.

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Vitale, Di cosa parliamo