DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5714454

Sexed Political Bodies: From the King’s Body to the Queen’s Somatechnics

by Carlotta Cossutta

This paper examines the relationship between bodies and politics in order to show how images of corporeality construct modes of inclusion and exclusion and define processes of subjectivation. Beginning with an analysis of the frontispiece of Hobbes’s Leviathan, the paper explores the feminist criticisms of Mar-aret Cavendish and Mary Wollstonecraft. Then, the study considers biology’s laying claim to bodies in order to analyze processes of naturalization, read and criticized through the works of Carla Lonzi and Angela Putino. Finally, I address the concept of somatechnics to illustrate the stratification of political bodies.

Keywords: Body, Biopolitics, Somatechnics, Feminism

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Carlotta Cossutta, Corpi politici sessuati. Dal corpo del re alla somatecnica della regina