DOI: 10.30443/POI2020-0011

Schopenhauer y la historia de la filosofía: del coraje de no guardarse ninguna pregunta a la contemplaciòn del mundo sin temor

di Encarnación Ruiz Callejón


Schopenhauer’s concern with the renewal of philosophy, with what it means to be a philosopher, and even his criticism of the philosophy of the time can be inscribed in a broader framework: his interpretation of philosophical discourse, of the history of philosophy, and of his position in that history. This framework in turn opens the way for a less explored interpretation of Schopenhauer’s philosophy: the possibility of affirming existence and the world based on a natural and ancestral metaphysical intuition, one not only philosophical or western, that may be relevant, today, for a more plural and inclusive history of philosophy.

Keywords: Affirmation of the Will, Hen Kai Pan, Liminal Knowledge, Nineteenth Century Philosophy, Transcultural Metaphysics

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