DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5714416

Anarchafeminist Manifesta

by Chiara Bottici

This paper shows the fundamental connection between feminism, anarchism, transindividualism and ecology, and argues that an anarcha-feminism – a feminism without hierarchies – is the key to defeating all forms of oppression, whether they are perpetrated on a political, sexual, economic, or racial basis. Beginning with a description of the condition of minority-status and exposure to violence in which women all over the world find themselves, the paper identifies the traditional tools of domination that the “first sex” uses to maintain its primacy. The most powerful of these tools is the State, in which almost all of the key roles are held by men. On these grounds, this manifesto points out that over-throwing the patriarchy is not possible without the simultaneous subversion of the current juridical-political-economic structure, namely without overcoming national borders and freeing ourselves from the most subtle form of state control: the control over gender identity. This is because, as the paper argues, drawing insights from an ontology of the transindividual, bodies in general and women’s bodies in particular, are not individuals, objects given once and for all, but rather never complete processes. In this social ontology, the environment turns out to be constitutive of our individuality; therefore, a transindividual approach to feminism naturally leads to a form of eco-feminism in which not simply human forms of life but all animate and inanimate bodies are involved. Anarcha-feminism means that all forms of oppression are somehow connected because all bodies are connected and it is therefore not possible to fight one form of domination without fighting them all.

Keywords: Anarcha-feminism, Menocracy, Transindividualism, Intersectionality, Womanhood

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Chiara Bottici, Manifesto anarca-femminista