DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10961404

Of Typhoon Winds and Giant Vultures. Anti-Christian Allusions in Marino’s Vita Procli

by Claudia Gianturco

This paper aims to examine the anti-Christian allusions that can be identified in Marinus of Neapolis’ Vita Procli, a text that offers a funeral eulogy to his master Proclus and illustrates the perfect blissful condition he achieved in life. Starting from the context of these allusions, the paper reconstructs especially the meaning of two coded expressions used by Marinus to allude to contemporary Christians: τά πνεύματα Τυφωνία and γυπογίγαντες, respectively “Typhonians winds” and “vulture-giants”. The paper will try to show how Marinus chose his expressions drawing mainly both from Greek mythology and Proclus’ philosophy: as such, they fit perfectly into the encomiastic framework of the Vita Procli and contribute to exalt the greatness and perfection of the divine man Proclus, in an attempt to defend and recover pagan religion.

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