DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5714469

Difference, Subalternity, Self-Determination: On the Subversive Character of Feminisms in the Global Present

by Marianna Esposito

This paper takes its cue from the elimination of sexual difference in the modern universal: an anachronism that produces permanent obstacles to the realization of female citizenship. The analysis shows how the obstacle of atemporality for women’s self-determination has been overturned, at certain moments in history, because an unforeseen subject – singular and plural – decided to speak up, revolutionizing the patriarchal logics of sexuation and colonization of the world. Beginning with the contributions on this subject offered by difference feminism and Black feminist thought, the work focuses on the need to consider the multiple demands made by women on a transnational scale for a politics of liberation commensurate with the global present.

Keywords: Equality, Setback, Subalternity, Difference, Feminist Practices

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Marianna Esposito, Differenza, subalternità, autodeterminazione. Sul taglio sovversivo dei femminismi nel presente globale