DOI: 10.30443/POI2017-0007

Nomadism and Hospitality

Anthropology and Ethics

Emilio Baccarini


This article is proposed as an introduction to a “phenomenology of nomadism” – or, more exactly, of the human nomad – that highlights some of its constant structures and thus allows us better to understand how the anthropological and ethical dimensions meet in the category of “hospitality.” The category of Homo viator certainty marked the entire self-understanding of Western man, but to-date the category of travel – which, like being, can be said in many ways – has not been sufficiently investigated. Thinking a nomadic ontology would mean thinking a being otherwise or, according to the point of view of logic, a thinking being otherwise. The new logic should to go beyond the “settled” logic of identity, integrating it, to project itself onto the horizon of possibility, of the future, of the event.

Keywords: Hospitality, Travel, Ontology, Logic, Identity

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1. P.O.I. - Migrantes - Baccarini