DOI: 10.30443/POI2017-0006

Media Culture or Culture of Media?

The Certainties of Those who Know They Don’t Know

Marco Amalfi


In this contribution, attention is paid to the role of asking and of ongoing research, since Socrates, as instruments of openness toward the understanding of the Other. The complexity of the present world is marked by an increasingly dense intertwining of understanding and knowledge, on the one hand, and of heterogeneity, on the other – by levels of the interconnection of social, geographic, and economic reality that arise from these. These moments, together, end up having significant repercussions on everyone’s daily life – especially as regards our ability to orient ourselves within the complexity these disclose. What role could philosophy have, then, in the face of such a pervasive scenario?

Keywords: Culture, Knowledge, Media, Questioning, Critique

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